Technorati Add A New Feature – Add your Favorites

Technorati has added a new fantastic feature today called Favorites. The idea seems that people can add their favorite feeds and they will be aggregated there. It seems that the maximum favorites one can add is 50 (which makes sense, one has to now prioritise between which bloggers are his favorites!). Also there is a RSS of the Favorites as well (mine is here). This feature can again used to increase the credibility of bloggers and blogs/sites. I am sure there will be feature later down the track which will show that which blog has to added to Favorites how many times.

So from adding the favorite bloggers, what else would you use this feature for? Well you can use this feature if you are really short on time and just want to read the main blogs and their headlines. Favorites page and it’s RSS is a partial feed only,so it would not really interest me a lot. This reminds me that I should add a new Label in Google Reader for all the blogs which are my Favorites and call it “Favorites” and it will can solve one purpose for me.

By the way I think it can be really handy if readers have the power of exporting a readers Favorites as an OPML file.

Add Software And Tools to your favorites.


Add IT Digest to your favorites.


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