It was my birthday yesterday!

IT was my birthday yesterday Ha ha, I am not forcing readers to wish me “Happy Birthday” though ;). So what’s special about this day? I finished 28 years of my life yesterday. Ya, that’s a long time.

What am I missing today? I miss my DAD. Apart from all the obvious reasons, I miss him more because last year he was with me in Australia and while having discussion with my dad, I told him that in coming year we will do something so that we can together celebrate all events together as a family. That never happened! I miss the yearly advice he used to give me. Overall I miss him a lot and no words of mine can express that truly. I want to write few things that comes to my mind from this incident, but in another post and when I get a chance.

But for today, thanks to all my friends, family, blogger friends, online friends, Orkut friends and everybody else who wished me over the phone, over email, who SMS’ed me and for those who never call me but still remember me on this day and pray for my best.

In the evening, all my good friends wanted to invite me over to their place. They did not want me to sit alone in my lonely house. I went to Mounil ( I wish they had a blog) and Radha’s place where Mounil showed that he can prepare some great Indian street side dishes. I had lot of fun at their place and for couple of hours I was totally relaxed. Thanks to Nirav for the delicious cake too.

Overall, it was a good day with a good end.

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