I want to move on but….

I hate to use buts….

It’s been a long time since I blogged. Since September, time is running faster then I can. This year is full of events for me. Apart from many other things and loosing my father, I am also getting handover of my first house which soon I want to call “HOME SWEET HOME”. My wife Komal is still in India looking after my mother and looking after the affairs there. Being alone here and having to work and handle all the things is taking a tool on me and part of this is me missing out on blogging.

At the moment I am planning for moving and getting things organised for it. But before I move on my blogging, I will have to get things out of my chest. I want to write about my Dad, things I experienced and learned back in India about death and about life. I think this would be a small tribute from me to my Dad on my blog. Apart from that while I am writing, I will get thoughts out of my chest and atleast will be able to cry with my heart open.

I want to write, but before that I have to write out what I got in my brain. I might not post everything on my blog, may be not even 50% of it here, but atleast by writing everything out, I think I would be unpressing my feelings which are tightly held in for more then 2 months now.

Sorry, if these posts become too much emotional..

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