Yes, we did it!

Komal and I did it. Today we achieved Aussie dream of owning a HOME. Well it’s not owning the home completely, as Banks still have a major portion of equity over it. But today Komal and I are a home owner in Australia.

It is a brand new house, 28 Kms from the city in a beautiful suburb called Taylors Hill ( If you are in Victoria, then you must have heard of Caroline Springs, it is just next to it). I got the handover over the property today.

My dad must have been the most happiest person on this news today. It was his idea of signing up the contract a year ago for the home. My wife and I thought that we were not ready for this big step, but he insisted and made us understand some calculations. His persitence paid off and we agreed. He even helped us to select the home design after understanding our requirements. He had an eye for details. All I can say is while sitting in India, he knew more about my house plan then I did.

Dad this house is yours.

What all plans we had, but ofcourse the destiny was something else. Back in India, we give houses names, just like we name our cats and dogs. The names are mostly something meaningful. Back in my head I was decided that I was going to name my new house “Tribhuvan” which is my dad’s name and has a spiritual meaning. I was going to give him a surprise when he was going to visit us in Australia next year. Well that is not happening now, but I am still going to name the house in my Dad’s honour and it would be “Tribhuvan”. I truly wished that you were around Dad to see this day and see my dream come true!! I know for sure that my dad’s blessings are with us wherever he is.

The moving happens this weekend and with help of my friends I will be getting it done.

What an irony in life! Komal being the creative soul of us both, was soo much keen to see this dream become into a frame, then into a house and then home. She wanted to place each and every thing in her own house and decorate it to her heart’s content. But that’s not happening. She is in India while I will get the most needed things done in the house. Sorry Komal, but you will just have to fulfill this dream of yours in our next new home.

So if you are in Victoria and in and around Taylors Hill or Caroline Springs area, give me a buzz. We shall catch up.

Congratulations to myself, Komal and my family on this addition to our list of possessions.

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