Smile while you walk, it won’t hurt you

I wish people would look at each other and give a smile while they go out on walks in parks, on side on the roads, around the lake etc. Well that’s my complaint that people don’t look at each other (they will either look side ways or will look on the ground) while they pass somebody while they are walking. It’s none of my business if somebody does not want to smile while they are walking or jogging, but it won’t harm anybody!

I make it a point to go for walks at least 3 times a week. I go to get fresh, to stretch myself and to get some fresh air into my lungs. My general observation is when people pass each other are as below:

— They will not look straight into eyes of the other person walking or jogging
— They will either look sideways or look at the ground (well what’s there!)
— If somebody looks at you and you are not exactly looking at them instantly they will move their head in other directions
— Getting a smile from most of them is tough.

When I go for walking, I want to make it a pleasurable experience. I want to not only make myself happy but also would love to make somebody else’s experience pleasurable too. I am sure most will agree that giving somebody a smile is a contagious reaction. You can’t help but smile back or greet somebody back. When I am walking with not so pleasant thoughts in my head and if somebody smiles at me, my mind immediately makes a shift and changes focus by giving a smile in return. I am sure you get my point!

So next time you are walking or jogging, please don’t ignore other people passing by you. A greetings or a smile will make a lot of difference.



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