Note to self : Read the instructions carefully, do not mix color fast clothes with other clothes

:oops:What have I done. I forgot to read instructions on all my clothes while putting them in laundry. Result, I have spoiled my 6 new pair of clothes and they are all grayish in shade now :-/. Who’s the culprit? My cheap $10 black top that I bought couple of years back. This has also affected my bed sheet (which was white designer sheet) and my towel (which was red and white before, now it’s read and gray!! ). I won’t feel like wearing or using these clothes again and Komal is going to strangle me once she hears of this.

Note to Self :-

1. Always read the labels
2. Have your brains switched on while doing the laundry
3. Follow no. 3 if not done yet
4. Stop buying cheap color fast clothes!

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