Happy Valentine’s Day- Today is the day

Happy Valentine’s Day my friends. I hope you have a great day today. Well today is somewhat special for me in many senses. My wife Komal comes back from India today and I will be seeing her in next 20 hours and also because I will be seeing my mom with her too.


Komal comes back to Melbourne after more then 5 months in India. We went there together after my father passed away and she is in India since then looking after my mom and the affairs in India. She not only comes back on Valentine’s day, but she will be seeing her own house for the first time as well. No matter how many pictures you have seen, but I bet looking at your own house and feeling it is totally different. Seeing your dream come true will be awesome. So I think it would be kind of emotional for us. It would also be emotional because my mom is coming to Australia and this time she is alone. In late 2005, she and my father visited Australia and we all hoped that next time they will visit, our house will be ready and we would have moved in. Of course we have moved in, but my father won’t be here to see it. The last pictures that I have off my father is when they left for India in late November, 2005. I am sure my mom will have many sweet memories from her last visit to Australia.

So what surprises have I for them? I am going to surprise them by decorating the house a bit and making a Valentine day card myself specially for Komal and a special dinner for three of us. I have already cleaned the house :D.

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