Can see some bright light at the end of the tunnel

😀 Woo Hoo. I can see bright light at the end of the tunnel. This couple of weeks have been interesting. I will go through some of my experiences next week. But for now the news is that I have got an offer at Accenture Australia. I am excited and can’t wait to join the office. The work is related to what I have been mainly engaging now and that is training and training content development. The exciting thing is I am looking forward to working in Melbourne CBD. Working in the CBD is just so lively!

I will be trying both driving in the city and taking public transportation and see how both of them compare to start with. I am excited about blogging my work experiences there, but will find out about what their blog policies are etc. etc. So does anybody else who is reading this blog works at Accenture Melbourne office? If so we can create a bloggers group of our own “Accenture Bloggers Group” if they don’t have one already.

This will also be a good chance for me to catch up with people/bloggers working in the CBD. If you want to do so, just ping me and we will organise something up.

More info to follow in coming days and weeks..

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