Might be looking for a new web hosting company

I got a strange email this morning from my hosting company. As per the email they say that my website itejas.com is consuming a lot of server resources which is not acceptable for a shared hosting site. It provides me with some generic statistics of the resources used which does not tell me much. They told me that they have moved my site to a non-production server for the time being till I either resolve the problem or moved to dedicated servers.

Now I don’t have the time nor resources to rectify the issue. I have done few basic things that I could think of including updating the blog engine to the latest version and disabling few other scripts from the main page. Figuring out the problem is time consuming and with so many things happening in the life at the moment, I don’t think I can prioritize this issue in front of other. So I have mailed the staff back telling them about my changes and asking them if it has made any difference to the shared hosting server performance.

If not and no better way shows up, I think I will be looking for a new reliable web hosting provider. Can my readers me suggest few names? It is better to go with some recommended names then totally alien providers.

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