Soon to be DAD

I had to reveal the good news on here! Komal and I are soon to be parents of a Great soul to be. Along with all other things that are keeping me busy, now taking care of Komal and her needs has become out most important to me as well. So part of my time now also goes to Komal, spending some quality time with her and getting new things for our new home (this one is time consuming!).

One of the website that is helping a lot understanding what is going on is Baby Center. I try to make it a point to check Baby Center’s weekly email and see how’s our baby shaping in the week. These are exciting times for us.

The first trimester is over and both the mother and the tiny baby is fine. I am enjoying Komal getting bigger as days are passing. Will keep all posted as to how we are going with the journey in coming months.

Do anybody have tips or experiences they want to share with me here?

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