Good to be blogging again

:> it’s good to be blogging again. I have ignored this blog for a long long time now.

So where have I been?

Work at Accenture is really busy and does more then 8 hours of my day. Infact I have not seen even a single 8 hour day at Accenture ( I am not complaining about this though). On top of that I am still working for my previous Employer (contracting too) on a part time basis. So among all this work load it becomes hard to do some quality blogging. So much so that I even had to abandon reading Google Reader for a long time and be connected to any of my feeds.

But the good news is that lately I have made a point to at least keep up with the headlines on Techmeme and that is working well. One other blog that has kept me glued onto it Brazen Careerist which I try to read as often as possible as well. I have missed blogging all these months. All I can say is I will try to blog as much as possible.

If you are one of the few regular readers of this blog, I am sure lately you have seen skins changing on this blog. It is due to the fact that I have upgraded to the latest version of blog engine and the old skin was not compatible with the latest version of engine. But I will get onto it eventually.

Feels good to type for this blog after such a long time :D.

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