Elevator Pitch [tagline] for your blog is …

Tagline for blog to me describes tells me two basic things:

1) What is the blog about
2) And reading the tagline gives a bit of an idea about the writer of the blog too.

Time is important and was always important. People want to get good value in return for their time. So when a person comes to your blog from a link or through a search and does not know much about you or your blog, having a elevator pitch [tagline] helps them to make a decision. It helps them decide if the blog/site is of value to them and if they want to invest more time in exploring further.

Since I have started blogging (I started blogging on other hosted platforms before hosting my own blog) from time to time I have changed focused on what I write about, my interests have changed and overall I have found that I write about quite a few different topics on my blog. And this has made it difficult at times to answer the question “What is your blog about?”. And not having a short and succinct answer does not help me or the other person understand the purpose of my blog.

So while following Darren Rowse’s 31 Day Better Blog Challenge, Day 1 exercise is to have a elevator pitch for your blog. This will get you clear as to what the focus on your blog is and also it will be valuable for your readers to know the focus of the blog. It keeps you more focused on the topics that you put up on your blog.

This being my personal blog is a mixed bag of lollies. As many topics interest me and I have vested interest in many different topics, makes it difficult to have a focused tagline [elevator pitch] for this blog. I gave it my best shot and came up with the tagline “My filings on entrepreneurship, business, technology while cherishing life at the same time.”

I am not saying I won’t change it in the future, but for now this will do.

What are your thoughts and what is the tagline for your blog?

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