Updated Tools list for 2009

Early this year I posted a list of tools that I rely on in day to day activities. It is more then 3 months now and I thought I will give a quick update on that.

So below is the updated list.

So what has mainly changed?

  • Desktop
  • I have my usage computers and laptops to Windows Vista except the one that I use as my work laptop.
    Google Chrome is my browser of my choice and as a second position is Mozilla Firefox.

  • iPhone
  • Not much has changed on my iPhone as far as key applications go. Now I rely more on RTM for iPhone and love Shapewriter app. Really looking forward to iPhone 3.0 OS.

  • Web
  • If anything, I have reduced the number of systems as I using to manage my data online for now. I used to rely on Google Notebook, Zoho and few other services to manage my data, but now I just use Google Docs and Gmail as my key tools for information gathering and storing.

    Still going strong on Twitter and the latest Twitter tool I love and recommend is TweetGrid.

    What are the tools that you use on daily basis on desktop and web? Would love to check out your list too:).

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