My Recent Apple Store Experience

I am a new Macbook Pro owner and I bought it from Apple Store, Chadstone.

Although I still admire Apple’s customer service then most of it’s competitor’s, this time round I did not service to the best I was expecting. on a scale of 10, I would think my experience would qualify for 4 [ I have high expectation].

In the remarks to the Apple Survey that I recent after few days of shopping there, below is what I said:

– When I call, I am always told that the stock is available and once I get to the store, no stocks for the items
– The Customer Service Experience this time round was not the best compared to previous time
– The Sales Consultant was in a rush to brush me off and did not seem interested in understanding my requirements
– Sales Guy was not even looking straight into my eyes but was wondering on the walls in the store

I am sure the business of the store makes it difficult to focus and give attention to the customers they want, but personal attention is one reason, I travel 55 kms across the city to get to the Apple store!

I hope I have a better experience next time.

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