Plaxo cutting loose with it’s Customers

  • This afternoon I got an email from Plaxo about how it’s going to stop offering free service to it’s Customers using Microsoft Outlook plug-in.

    Fair enough but not really! My first reaction “Ah! Crap”. I have been a faithful customer to Plaxo for quite some years now [nearly since they started their services] and do rely on their services solely for address book sync. between different computers and to remind me of important birth dates. Plaxo was offering it’s premium services all this time but it’s premium services never struck a bell with me! I just could not see any value in it’s premium services [I can get a free de-duper thanks! and I prefer to send personalized email on a friend’s birthday].

    It’s more irritating as they are now making a tool that was free for nearly 4-5 years that I can remember into a paid tool without really adding any additional value. Not a smart move [as far as retaining and converting your existing customers go] and I am seeing that a lot of people on Twitter already either deleting Plaxo accounts or finding alternatives including myself during this month. I am not saying that Plaxo decision is stupid as I am sure people running the company are smart people and this decision was not taken lightly, but where does it leave me as a customer. If they haven’t convinced me in last 4 years to convert to a premium account, this move definitely is not going to push me into that decision.

    So Plaxo, thanks for your services so far but even with discounts you fail to convince me that why I should pay $US 47.95/year for sync. my address book. I have not looked for alternatives yet, but one that comes to my mind straight away is MobileMe which I can get for $ AUD 99/year I believe for address book sync. and 20GB of storage space.

    On the other hand, this is a fantastic opportunity for cloud based storage companies such as Sugarsync to offer address book sync. services along with offerings. If there is a company that is fast enough to take the advantage, there will be enough customers cutting loose with Plaxo between now and the end of the month!

    Is there any service that is reliable, trustworthy that you can recommend?

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