How do you manage your information/social streams?

I just read Steve Rubel's posting on some tips of managing your information/social streams.

Lifehacks: Three Tips for Managing the Stream Before it Manages You

This post deserves more time and attention, but responding to Steve's points, here's what I personally do in my case.

1. Yes, I too turn to curators of information. I use & subscribe to some feeds through site which comes into my email. I will now look if checking out sites like and might help me curate some information for my needs.

2. Long back, when RSS was a hot topic and when reading everything through RSS was a trend and when there were way more important and quality blogging going on, I subscribed to more then 1000 blogs. I have since then unsubscribed from many of these blogs using Google Reader as my reader of preference. Yes, I don't read even 10% of those blogs these days. Instead I have created labels for the things that I want to read and just pull that labels in Google Reader to read the feeds in that label.

But as Steve points out, I don't mind creating a personal database of things that I might be interested in future. Things are one search away from me, just in case I need it.

3. I try to catch up on my social/information streams where I can. It might be in the trains, office breaks, stations or just through the ad breaks on my couch. I try to make the most of my time. Instead of [and hence another app], I have stuck to a service called I like something which I want to read later on, I click on Toread bookmark and it will email that page to my inbox where it is auto labeled as "To Read" and I read these emails when I have a chance.

What do you do to manage your information stream?

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