Do I need the iPad [Apple Tablet]?

So after all waiting all this time [being hearing about rumours Apple Tablet for at least a year now], iPad is unveiled today and it is covered in details at a lot of places on the Internet. I don't claim to have read each and every major site on the coverage of iPad. Two question that got asked to me by a lot of people over email, face to face and phone was "When are you getting an iPad?" & "Hey, are you getting the iPad?" People that know me know the fact that I like Apple products and I have iPod, Mackbook Pro and iPhone so they assume that I will be getting iPad too!

My expectations have been dampened since reading couple of reviews but above all, the main question that I have asked myself is "what requirement of mine does iPad tend to fulfill?" and if I have had a satisfactory response to the above question I would have asked "Is it worth the price that I am going to pay for the device?". So having not seen the device in works and just reading about it's capabilities I could not come up with any immediate requirement that iPad is going to solve.

Even if I had a partial 'Yes' to the above question, a partly answer to the second question is still a concern to me that I will have to pay to the providers for the extra 3G connection [unless the tethering from my iPhone is going to work for iPad] which can be expensive knowing the telecoms providers here. Even if the price sits for unlimited 3G connection at $AUD 30/month, it might just be between 30-50% cost of what iPad might end up selling in Australia.

So unless something clicks when I see the iPad or if an evangelist sells me this device, I for NOW do not see the need of an iPad.

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