About the Apple Upgrade Program

About Apple Upgrade Program

In this way, the Upgrade Program allows Apple to better maintain the supply of iPhones on the open market, which means Apple has better control on resale value and pricing. Apple has more access to refurbished products, which it can sell to emerging markets at costs that may actually be lower than what third-party resellers would pay.

From cradle to grave: Vertically integrated efficiency

Finally, there’s huge potential upside for Cupertino if the the Apple Upgrade Program takes off: Recycling.

It takes a lot more work (read: resources, energy, money, time) to scout, mine and refine 7000 Series aluminum than it does to recycle it. Let’s get back to that logistical machinery. Tim Cook didn’t rise to the rank of CEO because he was some MBA that looked good in a suit. You may recall that Cook ran Apple’s worldwide operations for more than a decade; first as an SVP and then as COO, before assuming the top job at Apple. Regardless of his title, Cook’s role was to determine how to most efficiently build and source the necessary materials. The Apple Upgrade Program falls directly in line with that mission.

The convenience of getting everything done over the store or online will win over time for a lot of customers and the extra perks of the upgrade program will be an added bonus and will serve to move the needle in favour of it. Also, as the article mentions, Telcos will be pushed to add serious value and quality of network than before. I am no accountant, but this might also be more tax effective for individuals and businesses.


iOS as the most secure mobile Operating System

“Due to the increasing number of security improvements and the effectiveness of exploit mitigations in place, Apple’s iOS is currently the most secure mobile OS,” reads the statement on Zerodium’s website announcing the bounty. “But don’t be fooled, secure does not mean unbreakable, it just means that iOS has currently the highest cost and complexity of vulnerability exploitation and here’s where the Million Dollar iOS 9 Bug Bounty comes into play.”

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“Apple needs Steve Jobs, it’s not innovating anymore..”

That’s what I hear from a lot of friends and acquaintances who either use Apple devices or never want to use one or then some who have never have used one and seem to know all the good reasons why Apple is evil. I got to hear this three times in the last 24 hours because the so called experts read somewhere on the Internet that Apple’s iPad sales fell down. So all those people here’s some reasoning if you like to think rationally,


So let’s put these pieces of the puzzle together. Consumers are more likely to upgrade a phone on a faster cycle than they would a tablet. Tablets are generally more expensive than phones, particularly when you still have phone subsidies in place. Bigger phones are on the rise and these can reduce tablet demand. There are also credible tablet choices that cost less. Add it up and you get slower growth of iPad sales.

One more thing (see what I did there?) in terms of iPad adoption. Given that the iPad isn’t a necessity and that it did grow sales quickly early on, perhaps most of the people who have the disposable income to buy an iPad have already done so. On the company’s investor call Tuesday, Apple CEO Tim Cook noted that in the U.S. and Western Europe, overall tablet sales — not just that of the iPad — are soft, down about 5 percent this past quarter.

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What can Apple buy?

I read this tweet:

If you follow the tech scene, it just put things into perspective as to how much revenue Apple is earning and how much cash reserves it can afford. It’s silly but what if Apple was allowed to buy a country and all the residents of the country agreed? Apple may just convert the country into a design heaven!

Toys Design and Development Role – Steve Jobs Needed

Problem: To design really cool, functional and appealing toys

Situation: The market is full of expensive and cheap crap and most of it is shit design and crap products [in Steve Jobs terms]

Required: A person/organisation who can lead the way and design usable and appealing toys both for parents and children alike

Ninja Mehca

As a parent of two kids, toy shopping has never been a pleasant experience for me. Key reason, most of the stuff on the shelves is badly packaged including over packaging, toys not designed well and are not really appealing. This might be more the case when you start loving and appreciating the design and user experience philosophy.

A toy should not only be appealing to it’s main users – children but adults alike. It should be a joy thing to use just like using iPhone or iPad is for the young kids! There is a huge room for a person or an organisation to make their mark in the toy industry. Someone like with abilities of Steve Jobs! Comeon and revolutionise the world!