Why did you buy that?

The fact is, people don’t just buy art for its inherent artistic merit. They also buy it as advertisement for themselves.

When you buy a work of art, you’re not just trying to get it to match the sofa. You’re buying it to help you express and reinforce your own worldview. Ergo, the art is there to assert something unrelated to the artist or the work.

The above sentences from Hugh Mcleod are so self explanatory but we forget about them very much often. A lot of time when we buy things [ I did not wanted to say ‘all the time’ by generalising it], we just don’t buy them because we liked it, but also because those things will help in further representing the image we have created for ourselves or trying to create.

And may be we like it in first place, because those things align with our image and what we want to be perceived as by the rest of the world.

Why did you buy that thing? Does it align for what you stand for as well?

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