Seth Godin’s ‘Linchpin’ is challenging

So I bought Seth Godin's Linchpin audio book a while back. Normally I would be able to finish a audio book faster than I would be able to finish a physical book. I try to utilise the time in between to listen to the book and get 'through' it. But Linchpin is different.


I would say it is a difficult read/hear to get through quickly. The core message is not drastically new and has been written about before. Although I find that Seth makes the same key point again and again in different chapters, the use of his specific words/examples challenges my mind to think about multiple aspects and other things about my own life. And I think that this is art that Seth Godin possess very well. In lot of chapters, I want to ponder over each and every of his sentence. I want to stand back and reflect on my own doings and reflect on the things that I have observed during my life time.

I am less than half way through the book and this will not be the last time I hear this book. I will have to hear it again and may be again in couple of years time.

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