Yahoo please do something more original

I was just read on Yahoo Search Blog. It is about Yahoo's search alliance with Microsoft.

I zoned out half way through the article. Yahoo, you had never won me as a customer atleast not to an extend to Microsoft or Google. The only products that I use from Yahoo these days are and Flickr. I use it because they are different and were original ideas. 

On another note, since Yahoo bought these services, I don't see much innovation happening on these products. I am sure there are more things that can be done with pictures than just share it with friends and use Flickr as my backup tool.

Yahoo, you have a great story to tell, you have a wonderful history. Please bring your creative powers back and become an organisation which bring creative products that people would love to use. For the search results, I don't know a single person in my immediate group, who hasn't heard of Google or Bing so far and who is using Yahoo Search as their default search! 

In year 2000, I thought Yahoo was awesome and so was it's search until a friend of mine introduced me to Google. Back in the days, two products that I was using from Yahoo were Yahoo Messenger and Yahoo email. It's been few months since I logged into Yahoo Messenger and I don't use Yahoo email at all these days.

In the days of Facebook and Twitter, people have higher expectations from web products and they won't let mediocre products win the game.

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