What is it about Apple Products?

This evening I found myself arguing and defending Apple and it’s awesome products when talking to my good friend Nirav. I have often wondered if I really care if my friends and other people really get the awesomeness of Apple products and why I keep on applauding and taking sides with Apple. Upon thinking hard, I don’t care if my friends get my point or not. Not because they are right, but some just don’t want to accept the point and some have never experienced the Apple way and with the remaining ones, they have their own philosophies to protect and defend [don’t we all do!]. 

This makes me think that what is it about Apple and it’s products that I keep on passionately evangelizing about Apple and it’s products for free? I would have convinced loads of people to buy an iPhone and some for Macbooks. At some stage I used to be an unpaid evangelist for Microsoft but never this passionate! 

To me: 

  • Apple has become a way of life. Apple’s passion for it’s products and it’s service. Apple’s passion for the products they deliver
  • Apple’s arrogance. Their vision of their product comes above everybody else’s definition of what is right and what is wrong.
  • Using Apple products, I just get the things done. This can be in the form of bringing joy to my daughter using apps, getting to my email when I need them or checking local Yellow Pages to get a business detail quickly. The beauty is in it’s simplicity and the philosophy or ‘Working Out of the Box’. I would have saved countless hours not having to worry about tweaking configurations that realistically do not add value to what I do.
  • Being passionate about service and delivering are two different things. Apple is both passionate and they deliver. Everybody enjoys getting good service on a consistent basis and I have experienced this consistently with Apple more than any other business I have dealt with. Apple sure has taught me a lesson or two about retaining customers.
  • iPhone is an example of keeping it closed and keeping it simple makes it an awesome product. If I had the option to dumb all exciting web stuff on my option, I would have done so. I love technology and it’s byproducts. But in doing so, I would have made my phone prone to lot of issues. Having a close fenced ecology of apps, means I play with what I am allowed and thus causing less issues and saving me heaps of time.
  • Apple are constantly building good to great products from a music player to a media centre and from iPhone to Macbooks. I am more comfortable dealing with one company for my needs and dealing with similar interfaces and philosophies than getting to know and understand 10 different companies.
  • I don’t know if I am more productive or I think that I am more productive on Apple products, but for sure I have been getting more work done on my iPhone and my Macbook than I used to using other products before. At the end my perception matters to me, right or wrong!
So all in all, the above things and more is what make me more of an Apple fan boy. I just don’t follow because millions of other cool people are OR it just sounds like a good idea. What are your reasons?

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