Dear @Adobe

Adobe, not sure if you have already moved on. If you haven't then Move ON. Move on without Apple and make fantastic and super useful products that is going to bring users back to you, even if it means ditching Apple products. Create an experience for your users, create opportunities for your developers and vendors that outweigh what others are offering to them. Going by my own experience, I know I would if you come to the party.

We all have used your products all these years and in my case without passing on credits and appreciation where due. Without Flashplayer, I would not have had the luxury of watching unlimited free videos on Youtube. Without You, I would need to make sure that all documents were in a standard format without sending and receiving 100's of document. Without PDF I do not need to worry. They WERE and they are awesome products, but not sure if they can maintain this awesomeness moving forward. You will just have to prove this!

For now, all the best!

In my short life have learnt a thing, Complaining rarely get you anywhere.

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