Urge to staying always connected comes with a price


I remember a few years ago, back when social media was relatively new and intellectually interesting, I felt the strong need to “keep up” with everything. Every time a new toy or widget came along, I would give it a try. Staying “connected” seemed to be the future, so I wanted to be connected. The more connected, the better.

I was subscribed to about 900 blog feeds at the time. Again, Connectivity, Baby!

Of course, in the end I found out the same thing a lot of us did… that you can be so busy trying to stay connected, trying to be EVEN MORE connected, that you forget to get any actual REAL work done. You know, the kind that other people pay you for.

Live and learn…

This post is a good reminder that the urge to staying always connected comes with a bigger price, we not doing enough work done, not producing, not shipping out our products.

There has to be a good balance of staying connected with people and things and getting work done, shipping out products and adding value to yourself and value to others at the same time.

Staying connected does not equal to value created.

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