Macappstore #justsaying

So today, Apple launched Mac App Store. People can complain, criticise and jump up and down as much as they like, but the reality is, it rocks and it's going to change a lot again as it did with iPhones and iPads.

More power to:
  • developers. There products will get exposed more, more sales and thus more better products.
  • users who can now explore more apps and try them at a decent price. Better products from developers means it will make a user's life even better by making them more productive, keeping them more entertained and more informed.
  • Apple who is going to make a huge amount of money selling apps and potentially selling a lot more Macs
There is a conversation on Facebook by my friend @SanjayVyas about Microsoft Marketplace and how they haven't fully made the most out of it so far but how Microsoft will jump up and down to try to do a lot more with Windows Marketplace now.

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