What makes iOS 5 excellent for me today

Software ultimately is how it either improves my life today or enhances my experiences. I haven’t speculated much this time over about Apple’s iOS 5 or indulged too much into speculation. I did installed it on my iPhone as well as iPad and below are my observations of what’s in it for me:

  • Notification Centre – Just fabulous and time saver. I do not need to click few different options or need to worry about missing the notifications. ¬†One click and a scroll or two and I know what I missed or need to do next
  • No more ‘Sync. is in Progress’ when I connect my devices to iTunes. I can keep using it while it syncs in the background and get all charged up
  • Install an app once and it gets installed everywhere
  • iCloud – Love the concepts, especially where an app installed in one place is installed on other devices. I have yet to play more with other features.
  • Keyboard undocking feature on iPad – It just works!
  • iMessages – It’s fast, saves money and hassle of sending people with iPhone just another email for a quick thing. Sorry WhatsApp your usage now will go down from my end.
Tomorrow is another day and more features to be found and used.
As an end note, getting iCloud to work has been a little frustrating today. Hope tomorrow is better.

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