Number of Candles on Your Cake #IYM

Alok Kejriwal posted a short story on Facebook today and it’s worth sharing.

It was Humble Monk’s birthday today. A cake with 32 candles was brought in. After Humble monk had lit and blown the candles, Sensei said, “Often, the number of candles on a cake represent the number of people that have supported us, to reach that age. A 2 year old child has 2 candles on her cake; one each for her mother and father; a 90 year old man has 90 candles on his cake that represent the 90 special people that made him see that day. When you blow your birthday candles, think & thank the people that made you worthy of your special day.

I have my own philosophy on why birthdays should be celebrated and this story gives another reason to not only celebrate the birthday but be grateful to all those important people in our lives. Thanks a ton Alok.

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