Pleasure/Achievement Principle #IYW

Happiness comes down to doing things that are fulfilling and to have a happy life, you need to have a fulfilling life. I read about an interesting principle leading into this theory called Pleasure/Achievement Principle by Chris Skellet.

In order to live a fulfilling life, we must strike a considered balance between pleasure and achievement.

So just filling your life with small and big pleasure is not going to make you happy and fulfilled neither will a life of being the richest person on the planet. One needs to strike a good balance.

One thought on “Pleasure/Achievement Principle #IYW

  1. Thanks for your support of the book Tejas! The modern world is full of invitations to unhealthy pleasures, such as excessive alcohol, sweet foods, fatty foods, and fizzy drinks. It also offers many experiences that give the illusion of achievement, like playing X Box or watching televised sport. It feels satisfying at one level, but it isn’t really adding value to your life.

    I love the concept of balance too. Leaning as far one way or the other as you can, deriving the full experience, but without falling over! What I love most about the pleasure achievement principle is that it plays out in so many ways, every decision, big and small, is a punt for pleasure in the moment or driving towards fresh goals. It’s so important to get the balance right for ourselves.

    Thanks again for reading my book, Chris Skellett

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