Media Consumption #IYW

So how many blogs are you subscribed to? How many Twitter followers do you have? How many Facebook feeds are you subscribed to? How many readings apps do you use on your iPad/hand held device and how much time did you spend using them this past week just reading blog posts and watching videos?

Generally speaking it seems that we are over consuming  media these days. As writers get smart in crafting the headlines of their web posts and video tag lines, we feel the urgency to rush and consume that piece of media. Sometimes we feel angry and frustrated by the time we reach the end of the article or the video, as the content failed to provide us the return on investment for our time.

I am no exception and I admit that I am an information addict. But every now and then I consciously ask myself these questions:

  • Would watching this video or reading this article increase my knowledge base or add value in my life?  [This is before I consume the media]
  • [After I consume the media] What are the chances that I will remember the name of the author and/or contents of this article in a weeks time? [If the answer is no, then it is a lesson/reminder to minimise such content consumption moving forward]
How do you decide on what media you will consume? What patters have you identified? Are you on any information diet?

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