What were the top 2 jokes shared on WhatsApp last week?

It does not have to be WhatsApp,it can be Telegram, Viber, Facebook or any of your favourite app that keeps you connected with your “friends”. I use WhatsApp as an example as that is one tool I use the most.

WhatsApp checks


By participating in such mediums what you are giving away is your time and as a result your attention. It would be great if that time and attention is used in a beneficial way to you and others. Light hearted sharing has it’s place but don’t make it focus or your day where you constantly feel the urge to keep on sharing the junk you see shared elsewhere (and lot of times even before you read it yourself).

Respect your time but also the time of others. Do you think your friends really care about the things you share on the app? Ask them if they can recall at least two of your jokes [or your reshares]  from last week? Now ask your friend about a conversation you had with them last week? I am betting that the chances are high that they will remember the conversation but not the jokes.

Point is that use the power of tools like WhatsApp to spark powerful conversations and to learn about things that you did not know. You certainly don’t want to be remembered as a person who shared a lot of jokes and had little substance, or do you?

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