Do what you love the most?

Do you agree that the jist of all things we do is to make ourselves and our loved ones happy? You work hard for exams, as you may want to achieve good scores, so that you can get in the desired courses, so that you can become what you dreamt of, as you think becoming that “person” will make you happy. Some people work weeks on weeks without seeing their family, so they can earn money for their family which will allow you to buy things for them and this may make everyone involved happy.

So if you are not doing what you love the most, – Stop, think and do something about it today. You certainly don’t have to leave everything you are currently doing and take that plunge (although you certainly can!). You can start small today and take it forward tomorrow. As long as it makes you happy.

The more happy you are doing something, the higher the chances of you becoming successful in that endeavour.

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