Making task completion a social activity

Today, I came across Complete app – a Twitter/Facebook like service for task completion. Using the app, we can create tasks that we want to complete, mark it private or public and get tasks to completion. Having tasks out in open will create accountability and friends and other visitors can assist us in getting the task done. A simple idea that can do miracles. Friends can provide feedback, validation, encouragement, hint us on their experiences and potential pitfalls.

I find the idea very powerful. We all create tasks and lists which most times are “for my eyes only” and hidden away from the rest of the world. Our task/lists tell a lot about us. Using social media we can try to control how we are perceived but our task lists most times can tell a naked story. Having publicly shared tasks, we can truly demonstrate what we value individually and how we add value in other people’s lives by assisting them.

The app itself is in early days and have a long way to go. But I don’t see why we can’t run our own social experiments in sharing personal tasks and allow others to monitor the progress and be willing to learn from their experiences. This will just make the journey for completing the task easier. A lot of people are already doing this by participating in #WOL [Working Out Loud] forums. Some of us might been doing this for a while in work based environments using several ways, e.g. agile walls.

What one experiment would you start today that will see you sharing your task publicly and committing to it? For me, it will be writing 5 blog posts this week.

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