Workplace update

Time to give an update. I joined Accenture office on this Monday the 5th, March. It is overwhelming the amount of information you got to digest in first few days. Especially when you are working on projects and got to catch up with the rest of the team. Last three days my brain has processed a lot of information and a lot more data has been stored which will be processed (the data will make sense the more deep I get into things and get more understanding of things that I am working on) in coming days. I am working on interesting stuff which I don’t think I can talk about. Making new friends as I go along and looking forward to meet many more in coming days, weeks and months.

I am on 300 Latrobe Street by the way. So if anybody wants to catch up during lunch or after hours, send me an email or leave a comment over here. Is there any other blogger from Accenture?

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