Toys Design and Development Role – Steve Jobs Needed

Problem: To design really cool, functional and appealing toys

Situation: The market is full of expensive and cheap crap and most of it is shit design and crap products [in Steve Jobs terms]

Required: A person/organisation who can lead the way and design usable and appealing toys both for parents and children alike

Ninja Mehca

As a parent of two kids, toy shopping has never been a pleasant experience for me. Key reason, most of the stuff on the shelves is badly packaged including over packaging, toys not designed well and are not really appealing. This might be more the case when you start loving and appreciating the design and user experience philosophy.

A toy should not only be appealing to it’s main users – children but adults alike. It should be a joy thing to use just like using iPhone or iPad is for the young kids! There is a huge room for a person or an organisation to make their mark in the toy industry. Someone like with abilities of Steve Jobs! Comeon and revolutionise the world!

Such is Execution

So the “new iPad”  is announced  today among other Apple products. No big deal you say, sure. But what was the big deal was the manner in which things were executed. The launched started, the launch finished and at the same time the “new iPad” images are seen on Apple websites throughout the world all updated and ready for pre-orders. Now that is what I call execution! Yes, I am a fanboy and such execution makes me one Big Fanboy. Yes, you say that it’s not a big deal with today’s technology, but then how many examples do you see of such execution. Please tell me so that I am follow more of such organisations and products.

What makes iOS 5 excellent for me today

Software ultimately is how it either improves my life today or enhances my experiences. I haven’t speculated much this time over about Apple’s iOS 5 or indulged too much into speculation. I did installed it on my iPhone as well as iPad and below are my observations of what’s in it for me:

  • Notification Centre – Just fabulous and time saver. I do not need to click few different options or need to worry about missing the notifications.  One click and a scroll or two and I know what I missed or need to do next
  • No more ‘Sync. is in Progress’ when I connect my devices to iTunes. I can keep using it while it syncs in the background and get all charged up
  • Install an app once and it gets installed everywhere
  • iCloud – Love the concepts, especially where an app installed in one place is installed on other devices. I have yet to play more with other features.
  • Keyboard undocking feature on iPad – It just works!
  • iMessages – It’s fast, saves money and hassle of sending people with iPhone just another email for a quick thing. Sorry WhatsApp your usage now will go down from my end.
Tomorrow is another day and more features to be found and used.
As an end note, getting iCloud to work has been a little frustrating today. Hope tomorrow is better.

Macappstore #justsaying

So today, Apple launched Mac App Store. People can complain, criticise and jump up and down as much as they like, but the reality is, it rocks and it's going to change a lot again as it did with iPhones and iPads.

More power to:
  • developers. There products will get exposed more, more sales and thus more better products.
  • users who can now explore more apps and try them at a decent price. Better products from developers means it will make a user's life even better by making them more productive, keeping them more entertained and more informed.
  • Apple who is going to make a huge amount of money selling apps and potentially selling a lot more Macs
There is a conversation on Facebook by my friend @SanjayVyas about Microsoft Marketplace and how they haven't fully made the most out of it so far but how Microsoft will jump up and down to try to do a lot more with Windows Marketplace now.